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Inventing technology for the healthcare of tomorrow

Our vision is to make a difference in healthcare by translating advances in science and technology for the benefit of all

Technology has become an integral part of modern medicine. Solving methodological and technical challenges in medical diagnosis and therapy is our mission, with the ultimate goal of improving quality of life in each individual.

As such, we

  • develop advanced technologies for future medical diagnosis and therapies,
  • investigate their physical principles and physiological mechanisms,
  • push the frontiers in multi-disciplinary and translational research,
  • provide continuous high-level education and advanced training,
  • collaborate with national and international academic and industrial institutions, and
  • provide a hub for innovation within the Medical University of Vienna and beyond, while
  • consciously utilizing available resources.

As a publicly funded unit and as a scientific research centre, we consider it our duty to use the financial resources entrusted to us as well as the necessary working materials responsibly and to minimise our waste production.

  • We have developed and disseminated information on our sustainability initiatives to all staff and students at our centre.
  • We organised an ideas competition and implemented the following three measures based on the ideas of our employees:
  • Before disposing of usable materials and equipment due to lack of space, we have set up a shelf as a swap point.
  • We have deactivated unnecessary ceiling lights in individual laboratories.
  • Our corridor lighting is already switched off at 19:00. By switching off the 180 lamps earlier, we save 7500kWh per year, which corresponds to the electricity consumption of two 4-person households.

We are planning a workshop for 2024 to find and implement further ideas with our employees.