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Administration & Support


Our secretarial staff members are the point of contact to the human resources as well as financial departments of the Medical University of Vienna. The secretarial staff members are in charge of a great variety of tasks such as personnel administration, accounting, administration of teaching activities (e. g. MEDCAMPUS, etc.) and research activities (e.g. FODOK), organization of various conferences and other scientific meetings.

Information Technology

f.l.t.r: M. Bijak, R. Samonov, Q. Nguyen, A. Taubeck, C. Brandner, P. Stadlmaier, W. Drexler

We are the point of contact for the ITSC of the Medical University Vienna and for the IT-Department of the General Hospital Vienna. We are responsible for our homepage, intranet and for various servers owned by the Center.

Support for Medical Devices and Regulatory Affairs

The regulations for medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics impose strict rules for medical devices throughout all phases of their "life cycle". We offer support in complying with regulatory requirements and preparing the technical documentation during the development and clinical evaluation of medical devices. The unit is still being established.

Quality Management

f.t.l. nach b.r.: H. Lanmüller, W. Drexler, U. Kurzreiter, M. Dizdarevic, U. Hofstötter, C. Kollmann, A. Taubeck, S. Rentz-Chorherr

The QM team established at the center is responsible for the Organization - Planning - Implementation - Maintenance - Evaluation of all QM measures. In addition, it organizes appropriate employee training and informs about current internal QM developments. It prepares audits and acts as a contact for other institutions in the company regarding QM matters.


We support various internal and collaborative projects with specific tools and hardware structurs upon request.

Electronical Technology

We support various internal and collaborative projects with our expertise.