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Kinderuni 2023

With bright eyes and full of curiosity, a total of 12 young girls and boys went to the various work stations dedicated to the exciting topics of optics, lasers and fluorescence diagnostics. Here, the children experienced first-hand the everyday life of young scientists. From the refraction of light in prisms to the generation of visible electromagnetic laser radiation, they were offered a lot in a playful way.

Some of the young explorers were quite astonished when they suddenly slipped into the role of attending physicians and had to identify tumor cells on their own - naturally only in the context of a game, but nevertheless with a certain seriousness.

To top it off, the future researchers were given a captivating lecture on the "peripheral nervous system". In the practical part that followed, the children were finally given the opportunity to control the lecturer's muscles themselves by means of functional electrostimulation - an exciting experience that they will certainly remember for a long time.