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Skills assessment

Digital and Physical Simulators for Neurosurgical Training and Surgery Planning
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Our focus is on leveraging cutting-edge technologies to evaluate and enhance the surgical proficiency of medical professionals.

Our skills assessment framework is designed to provide detailed, objective feedback to be used as a base for strategic training. We employ a multi-dimensional evaluation method that covers:

  • Decision-Making: Evaluating the ability to make quick, informed decisions in high-pressure situations.
  • Objective procedure specific outcomes, like ICG video angiography for aneurysm clipping.
  • Radiological outcome, especially CT and photon counting CT scans of our simulators.
  • Wristwatch for the assessment of hand dexterity during the procedure with ad-hoc developed Application.

Attention: SIMIS simulators are exclusively designed for educational, training and research purposes and should not be regarded as medical devices. They are not designed or intended for use in diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing any health condition. The safety and efficacy of these products in clinical settings as medical devices have not been established.