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Digital simulator

Digital and Physical Simulators for Neurosurgical Training and Surgery Planning
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Complementing our physical models, our digital AR simulators serve as a dynamic, interactive training environment that melds virtual data with the physical world, offering an immersive learning experience that significantly enhances skill acquisition.

Our digital simulators can be used for training and preoperative planning.

Patient-Specific Anatomical Visualization: AR technology allows for the detailed exploration of patient-specific anatomical structures, offering insights into the complexity of human anatomy and facilitating the risk-free simulation of surgical procedures.

Our ongoing focus is the integration of 3D printing with augmented reality technology to forge a groundbreaking simulation platform. This initiative aims to unlock novel training functionalities and further enhance the fidelity and effectiveness of neurosurgical education. Our dedication to academic excellence and innovation places SIMIS at the vanguard of neurosurgical simulation and education.

Technical specifications

  • AR visualization of cases physically implemented
  • Models included: skull, brain, aneurysm, clip
  • High training cost-effectiveness
  • Plug and play configuration
  • Intuitive interface

Attention: SIMIS simulators are exclusively designed for educational, training and research purposes and should not be regarded as medical devices. They are not designed or intended for use in diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing any health condition. The safety and efficacy of these products in clinical settings as medical devices have not been established.