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Digital Image Processing

Conventional Imaging

Computer siences in Medical Physics

Since 1997, our work is related to various applications of image acquisition, post-processing, and image guidance. Aside from pioneering work in image – guided surgery, augmented reality, our focus in the recent past is in CBCT reconstruction and nuclear medicine imaging.

Non-isocentric cone beam CT reconstruction

Images of a cadaver phantom after algebraic reconstruction

Alternative methods in non-standard cone beam computed tomography pave the way for new applications of interventional 3D imaging (in cooperation with ACMIT). Our work focuses on the implementation of fast algebraic reconstruction methods and the optimization of image quality in pre-defined volumes–of–interest. In cooperation with the Technical University Vienna, we also work on implementing these reconstruction methods to proton CT.

Attenuation correction for PET-MR

Transmission scans of a modified Jaszczak phantom

Opposed to PET-CT, an attenuation model for activity correction is not available in PET-MR. In this project, a head coil with an external hydraulic attenuation correction mechanism was developed and evaluated.