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Conventional Imaging

Let the latest ultrasound technology be safe for patients and create the base for future applications

Molecular & Bioluminescent Effects

Ultrasound is interacting with tissue and can provoke bioeffects depending on the pulse regime used. A variety of different molecular changes can be influenced actively. One of these is the effect of bioluminescence that occurs in nature if cells are applied to a pressure wave and produce light, using varius chemical mechanisms. We are studying the basic mechanisms and try to make it available for medical ultrasound technology.

Standardisation & Optimasation

We are working in national & international standardisation organisations (AS, OVE, IEC) to create and implement new standards for opti-mising and checking ultrasound equipment. Our lab is equipped with test objects, hydro-phones and software that let us characterise the output and image quality of scanners. We are developing new methods, anthropomorphic and physical test objects to cope with the needs of modern techniques using our Center´s latest supporting technologies like 3D-printing.

Educational Ultrasound Tools

We try to adopt new technologies into our teaching in skills-labs or individual student´s e-learning. The latest applications we developed had been an Android App to get familiar with movies and animations about the 3D/4D-ultrasound technological basics and its clinical applications and restrictions. In ultrasound skills-labs it is time-efficient to know the most important knobs of an equipment before a scan is done, augmented-reality tools can help to support this request and students can prepare individually their first practical session with a real representation of the used equipment instead of reading the manual or spending valuable teaching time during a skills-lab session on this. These tools expand our blended learning concept for teaching technical basics in ultrasound.