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Group Conventional Imaging Physics and Image Processing

Our group is devoted to applied research in diagnostic radiology physics, image processing, surgical navigation, and imaging dosimetry. The main emphasis on digital imaging modalities (DR and CR), CT, and ultrasound.

Our mission is to help optimizing patient care through technical innovation, research and education of medical students, radiographers (students and practicing), students of Physics and BME mostly on PhD level, and post graduates. We also engage in continuing education of medical doctors. We assist radiologists, radiographers, and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Health in the optimization of doses applied to patients in diagnostic and interventional procedures. We advise assist clinical colleagues in clinical medical physics issues.

We disseminate our expertise within the curricula of the Medical University of Vienna, the Vienna University of Technology and cooperating Universities of Applied Sciences, and the IAEA. Our group offers several courses on applied medical image processing, imaging physics, and graduate courses. These include the methodical seminar "Applied Medical Imaging, Image Processing, and Visualization" for undergraduate medical students of the Medical School, thesis seminars and basic courses in medical imaging physics within the PhD-program "Medical Physics" of the Medical University of Vienna, and the Postgraduate Course on Medical Physics held at our institution.

We are equipped with a CR workplace including a Bucky room used for research and teaching, and a C-arm fluoroscopy system. For dosimetry and system parameter measurements, quality controlled reference class instruments covering all diagnostic and interventional radiography applications, as well as medical ultrasound are available. A comprehensive phantom pool equipped with dosimetry and image quality phantoms completes our available infrastructure.

Research Area

Conventional Imaging

Team members

Wolfgang Birkfellner
Michael Figl
Peter Homolka
Johann Hummel
Hannah Jungreuthmayer
Christian Kollmann
Johannes Köhrer
Elisabeth Salomon
Friedrich Semturs
Chatsuda Songsaeng
Lukas Zalka

  • Amar Bathia
  • Amon Bathia
  • Jochen Billinger
  • Christoph Bloch
  • Christopher Ede
  • Daniella Fabri
  • Simon Florian
  • Romana Fragner
  • Hugo Furtado
  • Christelle Gendrin
  • Godoberto Guevara-Rojas
  • Ingo Gulyas
  • Christa Haider
  • Katharina Halsegger
  • Sepideh Hatamikia
  • Rudolf Hanel
  • Rainer Hoffmann
  • Nikolaus Irnstorfer
  • Marcus Kaar
  • Rene Marcel Kainz
  • Alexander Lampret
  • Noppavan Nagaviroj
  • Johannes Neuwirth
  • Supriyanto Pawiro
  • Julia Pospischek
  • Irena Pradler
  • Michelle Praschil
  • Andreas Renner
  • Armando Aldy Ruddyard
  • Jakob Spoerk
  • Bence Vanko
  • Marija Veselinovic
  • Christoph Weber
  • Andreas Wartak


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Codes and Standards

Selected peer-reviewed publications