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Windischberger Group

Mapping the functional organization of the human brain

We are a neuroimaging research group at the Center for Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering focused on the development and application of methods for pushing the limits of functional MRI (fMRI). Closely connected to clinics of the Vienna General Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in the world, and not too far away from the University of Vienna, the MR Centre is an ideal place for our fMRI group for interdisciplinary clinical and basic biomedical research, as well as collaborations in biological psychology and cognitive science projects. Furthermore, the improvement and development of novel acquisition, data processing and analysis methods are central topics of our group. Our newest hardware and methods developments allow for concurrent TMS/fMRI applications.

Research Area

Magnetic Resonance

Team members

Principal Investigator

Christian Windischberger


David Linhardt
Martin Tik
Maria Vasileiadi
Michael Woletz

  • Jacqueline Atanelov
  • Roland Fischer
  • Nicole Geissberger
  • Florian Gerstl
  • André Hoffmann
  • Wolfgang Huf
  • Allan Hummer
  • Emrah Kacar
  • Christian Kasess
  • Martin Küblböck
  • Elmar Laistler
  • Carmen Morawetz
  • Lucia Navarro de Lara
  • Matic Princic
  • Anna-Lisa Schuler
  • Ronald Sladky
  • Jürgen Suntinger
  • Jasmin Tröstl
  • Closed-loop Individualized image-guided Transcranial Ultrasonic Stimulation CITRUS
    EU Horizon ID: 101071008, Project coordinator
  • Calibrated Brain Stimulation by Concurrent TMS/fMRI Stimulation
    Austrian Science Fund (FWF), Principal Investigator
  • Convergent evolution of the social brain
    WWTF (Vienna Science and Technology Fund), Co-PI
  • Multimodal assessment of macular function
    Austrian Science Fund (FWF), Co-PI
    AWS, Project Partner
  • CREAM - Creativity Enhancement Through Advanced Brain Mapping and Stimulation
    EU, FP7-ICT-2013-10, Project Partner
  • Man4Gen - Manual Control of 4th Generation Airliners
    EU, FP7-AAT-2012-RTD-1, Project Partner
    WWTF (Vienna Science and Technology Fund), Cognitive Sciences Call, Co-PI
    WWTF (Vienna Science and Technology Fund), Cognitive Sciences Call, Co-PI
  • Networks of Anxiety
    OeNB (Oesterreichische Nationalbank), Anniversary Fund, Principal Investigator

Selected peer-reviewed publications

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