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Laistler Group

We are working on hardware and simulations to make Magnetic Resonance faster and better.

Radio Frequency (RF) coils are our passion. We put a special focus on design, simulation, and construction of non-standard coils and like it flexible & wearable, multi-nuclear, or multi-modal.

We are running a fully equipped Radio Frequency Lab right next to the 7T (Tesla) MR scanner and across the hall from two 3T scanners.

For 3D electromagnetic simulations we operate dedicated workstations with powerful GPUs to optimize RF coils and evaluate their safety.

Our team is constantly searching for new members. Contact Elmar Laistler if you are interested!

Research Area

Magnetic Resonance

Principal Investigator

Elmar Laistler

P +43 (0)1 40400-64550


Veronika Cap
Roberta Frass-Kriegl
Julia Kummer
Thomas Fischer
Vivian Janicaud
Lena Nohava
Michael Raab
Onisim Soanca

  • Giacomo Barbone
  • Thomas Bogner
  • Laurids Brandl
  • David Cerveny
  • Raphaela Czerny
  • Barbara Dymerska
  • Bernhard Gruber
  • Ehsan Hosseini
  • Sajad Hosseinnezhadian
  • André Kühne
  • Lucia Navarro de Lara
  • Michael Obermann
  • Camila Pereira-Sousa
  • Michael Pichler
  • Bastian Rapp
  • Sigrun Roat
  • Jürgen Sieg
  • Ernesto Gomez Tamm
  • Martin Vit
  • Zuzanna Wojcik
  • CITRUS - Closed-Loop Individualized Image-guided Transcranial Ultrasonic Stimulation (2022 - current),
    Horizon Europe
  • MRITwins – Twinning of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Research Institutes (2022 – current)
    Horizon Europe
  • FlexShim (2019-2022)
    OeNB (Oesterreichische Nationalbank), Jubiläumsfonds
  • BRACOIL - Smart bra-shaped MRI breast coil (2017-2022)
    FWF (Austrian Science Fund), Joint Project with ANR (France)
  • pULSE - parallel transmit Ultra-fast Local SAR Estimation (2015-2019)
    FWF (Austrian Science Fund), Stand-Alone Projects
  • FLEXAR7 - Multi-purpose FLEXible coil ARray for high resolution 7T MRI (2013-2018)
    FWF (Austrian Science Fund), Joint Project with ANR (France)

Selected peer-reviewed publications

Elmar Laistler

  • is Associate Editor, Frontiers in Physics, Section Medical Physics and Imaging