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Meyerspeer Group

Magnetic resonance – many tools in one machine

We like that „Nuclear Magnetic Resonance“ (NMR) can be used in so many different ways, on the same machine: MR spectroscopy can give time-resolved metabolic information by using the magnetic properties of hydrogen or other atomic nuclei that the human body consists of (e.g. ³¹P MRS uses phosphorus). Also MR imaging can deliver plenty of different information. For example, blood perfusion or elastic properties of tissue can be imaged, and many, many other types of contrasts are possible.

And what we like particularly: One can combine those things into a single measurement, and this is what we develop and investigate.

Research Area

Magnetic Resonance

Principal Investigator

Martin Meyerspeer

P +43 (0)1 40400-64610


Veronika Cap
Kostiantyn Repnin
Vasco Rocha dos Santos
Marcos Wolf

  • Ariadna Cherit
  • Georg Fiedler
  • Anja Bernasch
  • Philipp Faulhammer
  • Roberta Frass-Kriegl
  • Fabian Niess

Selected peer-reviewed publications