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Schmid Group

Metabolism, heart, liver, multi nuclear, sequence development, navigation, motion, image recognition, interleaving

We focus on researching MR imaging and spectroscopy of the heart and skeletal muscles. Cells metabolise carbohydrates and fats to generate Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the immediate source of energy in tissue. ATP and other important phosphates give rise to MR detectable signals which we study. From these, we derive the metabolic state and cellular pH values.

The relatively slow process of data acquisition in MR requires to take motion into account, especially in organs like the heart. We develop techniques that use MR images to automatically detect and track motion. This requires very rapid acquisition and reconstruction of images.

The biomechanical properties of the myocardium strongly influence the pumping efficiency of the heart. In a current project we develop fully non-invasive measurement of mechanical work of the heart muscle.

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Research Area

Magnetic Resonance

Principal Investigator

Albrecht Ingo Schmid

P +43 (0)1 40400-64610

  • Georg Fiedler
  • Nicole Fichtner
  • Roberta Frass-Kriegl
  • Martina Ladrova (AÖCZ Semester Scholarship)
  • David Melinc
  • Saba Shirvani
  • Kirl Schewzow
  • Alireza Vasfi
  • Marcos Wolf
  • Development of motion tracking algorithms in magnetic resonance applications (2022)
  • Cardiac Efficiency by MR Spectroscopy and Elastography (2021)
    FWF (Austrian Science Fund), P 35607
  • Quantification of pH in the human myocardium by 7T 31P MRS (2017)
    FWF (Austrian Science Fund), Schrödinger Fellowship
  • Advanced measurement of human cardiac metabolism by interleaved 31P and 1H 7T MR (2016)
    FWF (Austrian Science Fund), P 28867

Selected peer-reviewed publications

  • Schewzow, Kiril, Dissertation MUW 2015
  • Frass-Kriegl, Master, TU München 2011
  • Schmid, Albrecht Ingo, Dissertation TU Wien 2007